Christian VON BAR

Christian VON BAR

christian+von+barProf. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult., FBA, University of Osnabrück, European Legal Studies Institute.

Legal education at Freiburg, Kiel and Göttingen (Germany) (1970-1974). Dr. jur. (1976); Assessor (1977); Dr. jur. habil. (Privatdozent) (1979). LL.M. studies in Cambridge/England (October-December 1979). Acting chair in Bochum (summer term 1980) and Bonn (winter term 1980/81).

University Professor at Osnabrück since 1981. Board member of European Union Law Institute (1985-2003). Founder and Director of the Institute of Private International and Comparative Law (from 1987-2003). Founder and Director of the European Legal Studies Institute since 2003. Dean (1988/89).

Doctor iuris honoris causa Catholic University Leuven (2003); Holder of the Lower Saxony State Award (2006); Linnaeus Doctor iuris honoris causa Uppsala University (2007); Dr. iuris honoris causa Tartu University (2007); Dr. iuris honoris causa Helsinki University (May 2010).

Chairman of the Study Group on a European Civil Code (1999-2009). Member of the Commission on European Contract Law (Lando-Group) since 1992. Consultant to the UNIDROIT working group on international commercial contracts since 2005.

Editor of three law serials. Editor and Commentator of the Staudinger Commentary on the German Civil Code/Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch. Co-Editor of the outline and the full editions of the Draft Common Frame of Reference (Principles, Definitions and Model Rules of European Private Law). Member of the International Scientific Advisory Board of Il Foro Padano, of Europa e diritto private, of the European Review of Private Law, of Aansprakelijkheid en Verzekering, of the Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa, of Gemeinschaftsprivatrecht, of International Public and Private Law (Moscow), of the Romanian Journal of Comparative and Private International Law (Bucharest), of Juridica and of Juridica International (Tartu).

Author of approximately 350 books, articles and reviews.


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